31 days, 29 miles

Since I started running on February 23, I’ve skipped three days. To make up the miles missed, I decided some days I’ll do longer runs.

Yesterday I ran 2 miles. Unless, I’m mistaken, it’s been four years since I’ve ran that far at one time. How ridiculous! I wish I would’ve kept up with running during all those years. I’d be a pro by now. 😉

The two miles weren’t easy as pie, but I was pretty constant with my speed. My first mile was 11:10, my second 11:40. I wasn’t dead at the end, and I feel confident I can run a 5k.

I can’t wait to get the jogging stroller up to speed (hardy har har) and get Mary out there with me in the fantastic weather we’ve been having!


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thirty-something. working on life.
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