iPhone photos of fun things like pretty bedding

The WordPress iPhone app makes posting easy and convenient, but pretty impossible for me to make a complicated post with multiple photos and proper links. Sooo, if you see a few short and sweet posts with just one picture from my phone…that’s why. 🙂


One of my favorite things is bedding. Since we bought our lovely king-size bed about a year and a half ago, we’ve purchased three different bedding sets. (I’ll try to do a better post on those sometime.) I’d love to buy something new, but we obviously don’t need it. And we don’t even need anything for our guest bed because we bought a new comforter last summer, plus we have a great quilt that we registered for when we got married that is queen-sized. I actually forgot about the quilt when buying the comforter because it’s out-of-sight-out-of-mind in the room my brother-in-law is staying in while he lives with us.

Anyways…if we WERE in the market for new bedding and felt comfortable with probably paying too much (I didn’t even want to glance at the price tag when I was in Anthropologie the other day), I think I’d get this colorful set:



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