One of my sisters found the canvas pictured below at Gordman’s this past weekend when we were out shopping with our little girls, our older sister, our in-state sister-in-law, and our mama. (It was a fun day!)

It was $50, so a tad pricey (or really just not cheap, I guess), otherwise one of us would’ve snapped it up.

I do want some sort of alphabet print to hang in our playroom. features a ton of them (mostly from Etsy sellers), but they’re usually 8×11 and I think I want something bigger. I could see if Matt would create something (I did recently buy a canvas so he can paint the highly anticipated cowboy riding the giraffe), but I’d probably feel like I should pay him at least $50…

Another thought I have is to find fun alphabet flashcards and either frame them, mount them, or hang them with clothespins.

Know of any awesome abc art?



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2 Responses to abc

  1. Kate says:

    I really like the flashcard and clothespin idea. It’s cheap and easily changed out, plus you could actually use them to teach if you wanted to.

    • Maggie says:

      yes, i think i’m leaning that way…i actually found something i like…i started to post about it yesterday but got interrupted….i’ll finish it up!

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