I am so ready for a vacation! Ha! I don’t really even work out of the home, and I’m not really stressed now, but I just want to get away.

It’s been about a year since we’ve really travelled anywhere, except the short trips to visit our folks who live a couple hours away. Which makes sense because I was quite pregnant and then we had a newborn.

I’m a little sad that we’re not traveling to D.C. this month like we had planned. Mark’s best friend, who is also Mary’s godfather, is in seminary there. I’ve never been there, so I was looking forward to seeing Colin and sightseeing too. Well, with Mary’s upcoming surgery being so unpredictable, it made it difficult to plan a trip. Plus, I hate to risk her getting sick if we’re away, and it still is cough/cold/flu season.

We are headed to Texas for a wedding in May, and we’re making the trip almost a week long so we can visit extended family from both sides. I am so excited! I love Texas, I love the family we’ll get to spend time with, a nice hotel for a couple nights should be glorious, a fancy wedding with Mary in something adorable, and a trip to IKEA! Can’t wait!

We might try to make it to D.C. in the fall, but we’ll see. And of course, it’d be fantastic to go visit my brothers and their families that live out of state. Why are Oregon and Illinois so far from Oklahoma???


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