pharmacy tales

So, yes, I worked this past weekend. It’s been almost two months since I stopped working part-time, and I had only worked a 5 hour shift in the interim.

Like I mentioned, I miss the money (of course). But, I also miss the crazy people. Here is one example from this weekend:

On Saturday, a man called and spoke to my technician. He wanted to know if we had a specific narcotic pain med in stock. We did. But not the “yellow ones” he preferred. I was a little surprised when he showed up later and stated he’d be okay with the white tablets. I was not surprised when I looked at the script and saw that is was written on a pad from a doctor that I know has dealt with forgeries. I used to take prescriptions that I thought were forgeries, tell the customer to come back later, then I’d call the doctor, and inevitably the police. Well, that is a huge hassle, and nothing comes from it, so I just told the guy that I’d have to call the doctor because he’s been having a lot of forgeries lately, and the man took the script in a huff, and hurried out.


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