end of week thoughts

– I worked at one of the pharmacies Saturday and Sunday. Boy, do I NOT miss working part- or full-time. 😉 Yes, the money is super nice, but not worth the stress or exhaustion that often accompany it. I still plan on trying to work at every opportunity given to me, because I really feel that they’ll be better staffed soon and won’t ask me to help out too often.

– Mark brought Mary up to me over my lunch break so I could nurse her. The highlight of my day, maybe week, was sitting with the two of them as Mary clapped for the first time. Love that girl.

– I’ve started running again. My legs are killing me, but I’m five days in, so I know I’ll be over it soon. I’m rather proud that I woke up to run at 6:30 the past two mornings.

– Mary’s sleep is still terrible, although after a rough start the other night, I got 7 (!) straight hours of sleep. I’ve got a couple ideas on how I want to try some sleep training, but my plan tonight at least is if she continually wakes up, we’ll co-sleep for at least a few hours. I’ve learned if I put her in her crib in the middle of the night, she usually stays there until morning.


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