those darn unexpected expenses

So, I really don’t even budget (!), I just track our expenses. That way I can say….”hmmm, we are spending too much eating out” or “wow, we should really be giving more to charity” and so on.

So unexpected or unplanned expenses don’t really bust our budget…they just stink. Don’t you agree?

This month, Mark went on a retreat through our church, and we didn’t realize he had to pay his lodging. It wasn’t a ton of money, and he would’ve gone had we known, but it still stinks.

Last month, Mary got sick and her medicine wasn’t cheap. That stunk times two.

Sometimes I think I should branch into actual budgeting. If we reached our allotted amount for groceries, then it’s time to eat from the pantry (there’s always rice, beans, or spaghetti). But would I make a category for unexpected? And how much should it be?

I really like tracking our spending and making spreadsheets, but sometimes I wish it had prettier end results. 🙂


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