oohmoon project!

I know I’ve mentioned oohmoon.com before and how much I love Katie Moon’s awesome year-long illustration project.

But, I just now got around to finally doing something with her fun artwork (well, besides ogle at it on my iPhone every midnight nursing session). Oh, and besides making an Epiphany greeting card. Which…I maybe never shared on here? Hmm. Anyways!

When we decorated the nursery last year, I jumped on the fabric-in-an-embroidery-hoop bandwagon. I love the simpleness, inexpensiveness and loveliness.

Here are some photos of them (before Mary had even arrived!):

I decided to remove some of the hoops and add other circular objects to add a little more dimension. Well, I read a blog post about using metal stove burner covers as memo boards. And I also purchased a round mirror on clearance at Target awhile back.

Two nights ago, I picked up four burner covers for $3.50 at our local Dollar General, and today I finally bought ink for our printer!

And now the room looks like this:

Now, I kept it super easy and just printed out two illustrations I thought were fitting for above a crib:

The Princess and the Pea

Sleeping Beauty

I used the burner covers to trace circles, cut them out, and taped them on! Hanging them  on the exisiting nails was a little trickier because the lip of the burner cover isn’t 90 degrees. Just because I wanted them up now to take photos, I rigged little boxes on the backside. I’ll have Mark help me figure out a more secure solution.

I used two different sizes of burner covers. I spray-painted the smaller one white. (And then realized I should’ve primed it. I’m not a very experienced painter.) I left the red edge on the larger one and like how it matches that illustration.

I might re-print the illustrations on cardstock and use spray adhesive to attach them to the burner covers. Another idea I had was to print them on iron-on transfer paper, put that on fabric, then put them in the hoops…

So that was our first oohmoon.com project for Mary’s nursery. We’ll start work on the playroom in just three months, and I know we’ll be using more of Katie’s art in there!

I’m actually working on another oohmoon.com project…for a contest to win an illustration of our family! I’m just waiting on Mark to wake up (poor guy is sick!) so we can take a family photo. Mary’s a lot bigger since the one we had taken in September…plus…I’m sorta working on a creative idea. 😉 You should enter the contest too! There will be SIX winners!


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2 Responses to oohmoon project!

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  2. Lola says:

    I had never seen these before – they’re very cute! Love “The Sleeping Beauty” design – that’s my favorite of all the Disney animated fairy tales.

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