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Update: I really am trying to be a better pet owner. It has actually been one of my written goals (so that’s uber-serious, right?). Some days are better than others. She is a good dog…

Since becoming a mother, I’ve also became a dog-hater. Harsh term, I know, but pretty accurate. But only one dog is on the receiving end of my terrible feelings…poor ol’ Betty.

Most days, I really wish we could just give her away. Right now, I am wishing that.

I’m sitting in the nursery, with a sleeping baby in my arms, and an iPhone in my hands, and that dog has been scratching at the door from the hallway for at least a half hour.

I can’t yell at her to stop, or I’ll wake up the baby. I refuse to get up and let her in, that might wake up the baby. Mark is sleeping, so I can’t text him to deal with the dog. My brother-in-law is around somewhere, but I really don’t like asking him for help or favors.

So the dog is repeatedly scratching, and every time she does, I get a big desire to kick her. 😦 I feel awful about feeling so mean towards the dog…which is why I’d really just like to have someone else take her…at least for awhile.

But Mark still likes her. I recently told him that he can be the one to feed her and let her out (when he’s home/awake). I am always here and pretty much always awake, so I get the brunt of letting her out. She has a bad habit of wanting out when I’m finally asleep.

I’m not sure exactly what made me start being annoyed by her…

Betty sometimes rubs up against me when I’m nursing or holding Mary. She is constantly scratching to get into the nursery (which is attached to our room, which is where her bed is) when I’m trying to put Mary to sleep. And like I said, she wakes me up at night…and I already have a baby that does that.



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