UCP donation

Organizations call our house fairly often (at least every other month), saying that they’ll be in our neighborhood picking up clothes and household donations. I love it because all I have to do is stick stuff out on the porch. Last Thursday, United Cerbral Palsy picked up the following:

8 plates
5 coffee mugs
3 purses
3 pairs of shoes
3 binders
23 shirts (9 were red!)
2 dresses
7 pairs of shorts
3 pairs of jeans
3 sweatshirts
2 pairs of slacks
2 pairs of khakis
a lunchbox
a belt buckle
a backpack
a pair of insoles
a book light
and a tennis ball

that totals 71 more items out the door


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One Response to UCP donation

  1. Marianne says:

    Way to go! I wish those people would come to my porch. Btw, 71 is more than my whole list–I better get to crackin’! 🙂

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