You Capture – Warmth

This week’s challenge was warmth. Go check it out at Beth’s blog!

Our old dog, Betty, likes to lie in front of the back door, just basking in the sunlight. She’s a pretty dog.

Our papasan chair doesn’t normally live in the dining room, but lately I’ve used it when taking Mary’s photo. Since I’ve yet to really figure out our camera, I just try to shoot in natural light as much as possible. It works wonders. Here’s one of her in the chair…

Doesn’t her cute face just bring warmth to your heart? 😉 Sure does to mine!



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7 Responses to You Capture – Warmth

  1. Brooke G says:

    Such cute shots – I love her shirt too 😀

  2. Stacia says:

    Love, love, love those two sweet faces. Makes me smile!

  3. Love the first shot – he does look like he is enjoying the warmth!

  4. Aww, yes it does! How cute!

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