valentine’s day banner

Taking inspiration and direction from here and here, I made a felt banner to hang in our dining room.

It was the perfect starter project for my newly threaded sewing machine (yes, that’s right, my friend Carey taught me how to thread it on Sunday).

I spent more wandering around Hobby Lobby (boy, was it nice to get out of the house!) than I did actually making the banner.

I also completed another super simple, super cheap, super cute DIY project last night/this morning. But I’ll have to wait until after my nephew James’ 3rd birthday to post! I don’t want his mama to see what he’s getting…. đŸ™‚


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3 Responses to valentine’s day banner

  1. Kate says:

    Looks great! I started mine, but my first pompom was horrible. So I put it down and ate cookies instead. I’ll tackle it later today…or tomorrow…

  2. Mags, that is soooo cute! Good job. What was your out of pocket cost for this? Just curious… Also, I’m very excited about whatever it is you made James!!

    • maggie says:

      Four sheets of felt (2 red, 2 pink) cost $1. The pink pom-poms were $2.99. And the clear jewelry thread was $2.99, and I have tons and tons of it left.

      I already had glue and thread.

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