creative juices

When my friend Carey taught me how to thread my sewing machine this afternoon, I got very excited about creating things! I am not the most artistic person, really, but I do have some ideas (plus I like a lot of other people’s ideas!), and it has been way too long since I’ve made anything.

Actually, I did make shirts for three of my nephews and one niece for Christmas. And when I say “make” I mean “fuse some fun fabric on and then hand-stitch embroidery thread around it”. 🙂 I don’t think I took photos of the process, but it was just like when I made Mary’s bunny costume.

My brother in Oregon texted me a photo of my nephew Nathan wearing his shirt:

Apparently Nathan said he didn’t want to wear the shirt to school because it was too nice – it’s a church shirt! 🙂 I love that kid. For his little sister Lily, I made a coordinating cupcake shirt. And my nephews on Mark’s said got matching tie shirts in a striped fabric.

Tomorrow (crossing-my-fingers-that-the-roads-are-fine), my brother-in-law is going to take me and the baby to some craft stores. We need to have supplies to keep us busy and happy during this next snowstorm that should arrive mid-week.

I am pretty sure I know two little projects I hope to complete, but I’ll wait to post details until they’re finished. One involves just a little bit of stitching, which will be great practice on my machine. The other is a super simple tutorial I found online involving super cheap items….and spray paint!


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