Thankful all week long

I got out of the habit of posting Thankful Thursdays before I even got into it, but since I have plenty to be thankful about during this week of terrible snowfall, I’m posting today.

  1. electricity (which equals heat) – My biggest fear when watching the forecast for the blizzard is that we’d lose power.
  2. food – We grocery shopped Sunday after mass, and even though we’ll probably go get a few things today before or after mass (yay for getting out of the house!), we really are pretty set.
  3. my husband’s safety – I’m so glad Mark has been safe thus far when out patrolling on the icy roads.
  4. a healthy baby – I’ve avoided giving Mary new foods to eat in the off-chance she’d have an allergic reaction because we can’t get to medical help too quickly. I’m so glad she hasn’t came down with any issues this week and that we have enough of her heart medications on hand.
  5. the opportunity to exercise inside – I’ve got on the elliptical three of the last four days, and it feels super nice to be active! (It’s also very beneficial since I’ve been eating a terrible amount of probably terrible food this week.) I think I’ll also try to do a workout via streaming Netflix on the Wii sometime. I’ve done a pilates/yoga workout that way before and I want to see what else is available.
  6. running water – Our pipes haven’t frozen even though we had temperatures down to NEGATIVE four degrees.
  7. my family’s safety and well-being – Except for the inconvenience of being stuck at home, it seems like my siblings and their families that also live here are doing just fine.
  8. having the choice to work – Like I mentioned the other day, I’m glad I’m not working as a pharmacist right now. Typically pharmacies don’t close due to weather. I am a relief pharmacist, and I was offered a shift this next Tuesday but I declined because Mark will be working his second job that day and there’s no one to watch Mary. It’s a bonus that I won’t work then because I bet the roads will still be nasty, especially here in the neighborhood.
  9. local cable – When we got rid of our extended cable we considered getting rid of all TV. It’s been nice to watch the local news. And Ellen. And other things. 🙂
  10. being productive – I really haven’t been too productive this past week, but when I was, I liked it. Our bedroom is looking better than it has in a very long time. The kitchen is always pretty tidy (a big thanks to my brother-in-law for keeping on top of the dishes). And today, I’m making a to-do list and that makes me happy. 🙂

What are you thankful for??


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One Response to Thankful all week long

  1. i wish i had an elliptical!

    aren’t we so thankful for those things we take for granted when they are gone? so thankful for heat and electricity too!

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