January recap

How’d I do in January?

  1. Drink only one non-water beverage a day. FAIL! I did well until my birthday. Then I celebrated by drinking lots of caffeine-free DDP. And then I did okay again. And then I sucked it up big time.
  2. Work out 15 days. PASS! I had to work out eight of the last nine days of the month just to squeeze in my goal.
  3. Track every expense. PASS! We use our debit or credit card for almost every purchase, so this was easy to keep updated in google docs.
  4. Complete two sewing projects. FAIL! I did get some thread onto a bobbin. And that’s where I got stuck.
  5. Fix our clothing situation. FAIL! I did laundry this month. Some. That’s about all. There are still tons of clean clothes half-folded on the cedar chest in our room and our closets look horrendous. 😦

About maggie

thirty-something. working on life.
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