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Yes, my husband is awesome. Maybe I am thinking that right now because I’m cozy in bed right now, and he is out working in the freezing cold. Or maybe he is just awesome. Either way, I want to write about him.

The other day I realized my husband never complains. Or, maybe he does, but it’s so rare that I don’t even notice. I, on the other hand, can definitely be a “Nancy Negative”. (That is actually what Mark jokingly/lovingly called me as he kissed me goodbye tonight because I was complaining about the dog waking up the baby.)

When I was pregnant and working full-time, I’d often ask my husband to “Guess what?” And he’d always correctly guess that I didn’t want to go to work. This game continued post-maternity leave when I was working part-time. Whenever it was time for me to go work, I didn’t want to, and clearly I made it known. (As a side-note, I’ve never really hated my job. I think my attitude was more due to the fact that whenever I left for work, Mark was always at the house -because we work different shifts- and I rather like my house, especially when he’s in it.)


Mark never complains about work. He works crappy hours (10 pm- 630 am), he has crappy days off (i.e. NOT the weekend), he never complains. He works outside when it’s freezing, scorching, and raining. Never complaining.

He’s working a side job every other Tuesday, which means he goes about 24 hours without sleep. He’s agreed to pick up extra shifts there, too.

I know he loves what he does. (Well, at least his primary job as a city police officer. It’s probably hard to love being security at a pharmacy, right?) But even though he loves it, there has to be times he’d rather not go to work. Times he’d rather stay at home and sleep normal hours. But he never complains.

(Mary’s daddy playing with her after getting home from testifying in court.)


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  1. danardoyle says:

    This is so sweet! Coincidentally, I recently wrote a post entitled, “My Husband, My Hero.” There are still some great men left in this world – we each got lucky enough to snatch up one of them!

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