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Since I’m keeping track of how much money I make from getting rid of junk (currently $106.04), I decided to stick it in a separate savings account. I’m not entirely sure what we’ll end up putting it towards, but we’ve already got some fun ideas…

Currently I have lots of separate savings accounts with ING. I have one for medical expenses (we need the money set aside in case we hit our “max out of pocket”), a travel fund, a car fund, our emergency fund, and one that is just used to transfer money to/from  our main checking account through USAA. All of these accounts are not near fully funded, and it’s likely after we do our taxes that we’ll put a good chunk of that money towards paying off one of my student loans. So, in a couple months, I’ll probably redo all our savings accounts. I love that it’s so easy to do that with ING.

Our goal is to live on just what Mark makes from his regular job. Anything extra (his side-job, when I work a shift, etc) should be saved. It’s a little ridiculous that now (when we’re making a lot less than we used to) I’m finally interested in saving money! 🙂 I’m sure the saving money thing will be even more fun (and easier) when we get rid of our debt. I’m so excited for that day!


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