I’m crazy. First, because I’m posting via iPhone when the laptop is maybe two feet from me. Secondly, I want to “sleep train” my baby, but then again I don’t. And thirdly, I took a bunch of photos of Mary tonight, looking all cute, only to realize hours later there wasn’t a memory card in the camera. (I did snap one photo on my phone, see below, but the other shots were so much better. Better, but nonexistent.) Mary has had some great nights of sleep, and I really haven’t had complaints until these past two nights. I’m not sure if her being sick and sleeping in bed with me lately has caused these issues, but whatever it is, I hope it resolves soon. I’d go into more detail with what the problem is,
but you probably don’t care (’cause, really, it’s not that exciting), and I should be sleeping since Mary is sleeping. Wish me a long rest. 😉



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thirty-something. working on life.
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