selling DVDs

A couple years ago, I went through all of our movies and sorted out the ones I thought we could do without. I priced them online, and a company was going to pay me something around $90 (I’d be out shipping). I can’t remember if it was my laziness and hatred of going to the post office or my husband’s protests, but the movies never left us.

Now that I am trying to declutter, I thought I’d look into selling some DVDs online again. After spending a fair amount of time entering UPCs into two different company’s sites, I’ve settled on almost $60 for 19 DVDs. (Plus, shipping is free!)

Looking through all of our movies and TV series has made me really see how money is often wasted. Some still had their packaging!! Now some were gifts, but others we bought due to the great deal, but then never even watched them. How nutty.

I’m very anti-buying movies now and have been for awhile. With the advent of Redbox, Netflix (especially their streaming feature), and Blockbuster, we rarely pop in our own DVD. And honestly, I think fairly soon all movies will be able to be streamed on demand. It will all be digital eventually (which is great because that is less clutter!).

We will definitely hang on to a fair amount of our DVDs (we enjoy watching TV series in our room where we have no cable or Netflix, plus it’s nice to have our very favorite movies on hand), but I’m not sure yet what to go with the 30 or so that we don’t want, but weren’t worth selling. Dropping them off at a Goodwill or Salvation Army seems to be the easiest, but I may put them on Craigslist…even for free. We’ll see…

Did you notice there are two copies of “Yours, Mine, and Ours”? It’s a good movie (but not related to this post). I bought one for myself, then Mark gave me one as a gift. Neither have been opened.


Update: My brother suggested donating the other DVDs to the military. I found this website: DVDs4VETs. Since I’m going to the post office later this week to mail the ones I sold, might as well do this too, right? Right.

Also, my sister mentioned that our church back home is having a used book sale. Now I know where to send all my used books! 🙂


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