yours, mine, & ours

(Hey, look! It’s Friday and I’m posting my Finance Friday! Woohoo for being on top of things. Or, thing.)

My husband and I don’t always agree about money. In fact, we probably don’t even talk about it as much as I’d like, but I am so much happier with our situation than others’…

I recently read a ton of blog posts from a blogger I just came across. I’m not sure why I got sucked into it (hopefully just all the time I had on my hands as I’ve been taking care of my sick baby girl) because I really don’t relate to her views on money. One way in particular is that the blogger and her husband keep their finances totally separate. They split the bills 50/50. They take turns paying when they go out. They buy their own groceries. She’s paying off her student loans without any of his help.

The idea of not sharing money with your spouse is completely foreign to me. Soon my paychecks will stop because I’m no longer working, so I’m awfully glad my husband will financially take care of me. Just as I’m sure he was glad I took care of him when he was unemployed for several months last year. And honestly, I didn’t view it as taking care of him financially, I just viewed it as, “Oh, here’s money, let’s put it towards what we both need and want.”

Now, on the other hand, I am leaning towards the idea of having a sort of allowance. That would separate our finances, but to a minimal, and equal degree. We could each get $100 (or another arbitrary amount) a month to spend as we please, no strings attached. That way Mark wouldn’t feel guilty for eating out while at work, and I could buy things for crafting purposes or save up for some jeans that I want but don’t need.

I’ll have to ask the husband what he thinks about that idea…



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2 Responses to yours, mine, & ours

  1. Jamie Lynn says:

    Jon and I just discussed an “allowance” also. While I know what I can spend, it’d be nice to have an amount that’s mine that I won’t feel bad about spending on things I want or just to save.

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