one thing out the door

Although I haven’t been able to really update my 2011 in 2011 page, progress is being made. I am not putting them on the official list until they are out of my house (or in the trashcan).

Two boxes are currently sitting in my kitchen.

“Sell” and “Donate”. Nothing is in the sell box yet, but the other one is rocking, and I’ve really only skimmed the kitchen.

While this is my project, and not my husband’s idea, it’s inevitable that his things will come into play. Right away I came across two small kitchen appliances that I haven’t seen in action for quite some time. They’re choppers, or small food processors, or something along those lines. Yes, two of them. That have been unused for at least 18 months. With a little convincing, Mark let me put them in the box. Another kitchen appliance of his (well, we technically share everything, I suppose, but this is definitely his territory) that I have been dying to toss since…well, since he got it at a garage sale, is a rotisserie cooker. That we have used once. At least 18 months ago. For some strange reason, he didn’t want to part with it. So we made a deal. I would get rid of my pig pitcher if he would get rid of the rotisserie. Actually, we had to paper, scissors, rock it. If I won, we got rid of both, if he won, we’d keep both. And I won. But I sorta lost. Because, I really do like that orange pig pitcher. It’s adorable!


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5 Responses to one thing out the door

  1. Kate Z says:

    I can’t believe you’re getting rid of the pig pitcher! It would totally defeat the purpose of the decluttering if I took things from your box, right? Actually, I’m not really tempted to take the pig. I just think it’s really cute, too.

    • maggie says:

      Matt actually suggested I ask you and Marianne if either of you wanted it. You know, to keep it in the family. But I said you both were trying to declutter as well…:) If I’m really meant to have it, it will come back to me, right?! hehe.

  2. Jamie Lynn says:

    Just slip the pig pitcher back into the cabinet. He’ll never know 🙂

  3. Um. I’m not as wild as you and Kate…I have no desire to own a pig pitcher. :p

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