it’s a good thing they’re cute

Babies are messy. Like, disgustingly messy.

But, of course, they are also the most adorable things God ever made.

It’s been another few extra messy days for us.

It was my last weekend to work, and both days that Mary was brought up to me during my lunch, I spent more time changing her poopy diapers and poopy clothes than feeding her. (I really want to blame the disposable diapers that she wears when she’s being baby-sat, but also…poop happens.)

Mary has never been a big fan of her medicine. (She takes Digoxin and furosemide twice daily.) It seems like we’ll find a trick that works, then pretty soon she figures it out and we have to come up with something new. But lately, she’s completely trumped us. No matter how much we distract her and get her to giggle, the second the oral syringe comes into sight, she closes up her mouth and wiggles her head around. And then sometimes she’ll gag once we get it in there and throw up.

The last 36 hours, she’s been throwing up and it’s not related to her yucky medicine. At first I thought she was just gagging herself (because it was occurring when she was nursing), but then a couple times it was completely unprovoked. Poor baby girl. I think she finally caught the nasty stomach bug that both my husband and I have had (as well as three out of four of Mary’s grandparents and several aunts, uncles, and cousins). She’s actually been in better spirits than I was when I was sick. She just whines a bit more, but it is quickly remedied by cuddles or nursing. She’s such a good baby. Oh, but back to the messy part…

Yes, babies are messy and kinda gross, especially when they’re real fresh from the oven. Mary’s umbilical cord stump almost made Mark throw up when it came off. Her soft spot still freaks me out. Poop, urine, and/or spit-up are daily reasons to do laundry. Dirty diapers don’t gross me out, but when it gets on clothes, it’s just a hassle. And spit-up in the hair calls for an unscheduled bath.

But, like I said, it’s a good thing they’re cute. And totally worth it.


(*I know I labeled this as Motherhood Monday, and it’s Tuesday. Well, I have high hopes of someday posting on a nice schedule, but until then, I’ll post what I can, when I can.)


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