SAHM to-do update

I really should’ve put “have Mark call the car dealership”, because that was my intention. However, the poor man who hasn’t had a chance to sleep in for over a month didn’t wake up until 6 o’clock this evening. (I think he came to bed about 8 a.m.)

I accomplished a bit more than what was on the list, namely taking care of Mary who was extra-needy, but I don’t blame the poor girl…she’s officially sick. She’s thrown up at least once a day for four days, usually due to gagging on her medicine, but then it was four episodes in 24 hours. Hopefully, she’s completely recovered soon. She wasn’t all that fussy really, just wanted to be held more than normal, and vomiting never upset her. I just get worried because she’s already underweight and dehydration is such a scary possibility.


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