money and the new year

I was really excited to sit down and talk with my husband about our goals for the upcoming year, specifically our financial goals. We really didn’t delve into as much as I had hoped, partly due to lack of time this week, and partly due to the change (read: drop) in our income that is about to happen.

Basically, our final conclusion was to see how this transition of not having my salary affects us before setting some real goals in a couple months. And to, you know, spend less than we make. Always a brilliant idea. šŸ˜‰

It was once my goal to have my student loans paid off before I quit working and had babies. Well, Mark getting laid off changed things just a bit. Not to say that we couldn’t have done more towards paying off debt or saving than we did, but it did play a role. After I went back to work this fall, I thought I could work long enough to pay them off. However, as discussed, we’ve decided it’s in our family’s best interest for me to not work part-time at this point. So where does that leave me and my loans?

I still have it as a goal to pay them off relatively soon. The monthly payments aren’t a burden, but it’d be nice to funnel that money elsewhere. I’m gonna go ahead and make it semi-official (how official is this blog, really?) and say that I will have one of my two loans paid off by the end of 2011. (Now, I’d love it if in six months I can come back and change my goal to having them both paid off, but I really don’t want to get ahead of myself just yet…)


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