Our fuse box is in our living room. Which is kinda odd, unless you know our living room used to be a two-car garage. It’s painted the same as the walls, and is back in an alcove, but I still think it’s an eyesore.

I’ve wanted to hang something over it forever, but we don’t have anything that I think will quite work. It’s gotta be fairly big, and the fact that the panel isn’t flush with the wall (it protrudes out) might be an issue.

Since we put our Christmas tree back in that corner of the room, I really wanted to have it covered up.

All it took was a piece of cardboard (cut from a delivered package), some wrapping paper supplies, and masking tape.

Now it’s time to figure out a (cheap) way to cover it up the rest of the year. I may look into buying fun, non-holiday wrapping paper and doing the whole cardboard thing again. Or I may cover a canvas in fabric, but that would be more expensive.  Another idea I just had…I could have a quilt displayed there. Only I don’t have any fun quilts. 😉



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One Response to eyesore

  1. Lola says:

    The wrapped box idea sounds really appealing – you can switch out seasonal paper on the box, which would be fun. There are also lots of fabric hangings you could find – you could pick up a pillow panel from your local fabric store and just sew a casing above and cut a dowel to size. But whatever you choose, keep in mind that you might have to get into your fusebox in an emergency (ie, in the dark), so it might be best to make sure you can easily take off anything in front of the box!

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