Breastfeeding forever. Well, not forever, of course, but I am a big proponent of it. I plan to exclusively breastfeed (rather exclusively give breastmilk because I do pump some) for the first six months. And we’re almost there! The next goal is to make it to a year. Then maybe two.

Both mama and baby have been very fortunate in that we haven’t had real difficulty with breastfeeding. Mary latched on right away after birth, although I was a little hesitant to even try, hoping a lactation consultant could assist. They were unavailable for a bit, and my mom wasn’t at the hospital yet, so we just went for it and had success. (Disclosure: I’m posting a picture of our first nursing at the bottom of this post. I had no idea my husband took the photo, and he’s not sure why he did, but I’m glad it was captured.)

I haven’t had supply issues (except for one day last week, actually…I was very sick and got dehydrated) and haven’t had to take weird herbs, eat oatmeal, or pump just to stimulate production.

Mary’s a champ nurser, she usually just wakes at night to eat and then goes right back to sleep.

However, we have started a little bit of a difficult time. I thought Mary was too young for this to become an issue, but she can get very distracted now and sometimes won’t nurse in public. This is only a real problem when I need her to eat. For example, last Sunday, my in-laws brought her up to me at work to nurse over my lunch break (1:30-2:00 pm). I normally feed her in the food court, using my hooter hider. She kept swiping at the cover and wanted to look around. So I moved to the restroom, and we stood in the handicapped stall. She still looked around and would get a little frantic when anyone would flush a toilet. So off we went to the fitting room. After a few minutes more of checking her surroundings, she finally latched on and nursed hungrily. Unfortunately, it was 1:52 by this point.

Fortunately, I only have four more scheduled shifts, then I can be at home more to cater to my picky baby’s needs. 😉



















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