Motherhood Mondays

Or maybe “Messy Motherhood”. Today sure was messy. Mary spit up and it got in her hair, so I washed her up with the bathroom faucet and changed her clothes. Then she threw up, getting her clothes, the changing pad, the mirror, and most of her hair soaked. That called for a complete bath. And because I was trying to quickly get her warmed up and into clothes, I used a disposable diaper instead of getting a cloth one from the dryer. That resulted in her having a poopy blowout, getting on her clothes and my robe. Disgusting. This was all between 10am and noon.

Or maybe “Mary Mondays” because we know I love to talk about her and post photos of her cuteness, especially of her in the Moby wrap. (See below for proof.)

Nah, we’ll just stick with Motherhood. I love being a mom. I love that my baby loves me. On Saturday night, we were at my in-laws’ annual Christmas party, and while Mary was very happy and smiley for people, she was clingy to me. I know a lot of that was because I’d worked all day and she had had a rough/hungry afternoon, and I was glad to be there then to keep her happy (and full!).

I can’t wait to be a mother to more babies. Unfortunately, Mary will continue to grow up (she’s almost five months old!), and I am just not ready to be done with this itty bitty baby stuff. Although…sleeping for more than four hours at a time does sound nice…

To carry on the M theme, I want to announce that we will not be carrying on the M theme with future kids. Mark, Maggie, Mary. That’s enough M’s. Which is a shame because I like the names Monica and Martha. But it’s all right because Mark nixed Martha and we already have names for the next baby (boy or girl). Clare Frances and Paul Eugene. Darling, right?



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One Response to Motherhood Mondays

  1. Lola says:

    Cute photo! Miss M. cleans up well. As I’m sure you’ve seen some bibs out there, “Spit Happens!”

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