Thankful Thursday

Oh, that’s right. I’m actually posting on a Thursday. 🙂 Here is why I’m making weekly thankful posts.

In honor of officially notifying my manager that I am resigning (!), my thankful list will revolve around this new change for our family.

I am thankful for:

  1. my husband’s support. Even though it took a bit for Mark to share his opinion (he thought I should make the decision), I really value his thoughts. Especially because they were the same as mine. 😉 It’s good to be on the same page.
  2. my family’s support. I love discussing things with my siblings and my folks. They’re good people.
  3. giving being a working mom a try. Now I know it’s not for us (at least at this time), and I have a newfound super-respect for working moms.
  4. my breastpump. Pumping while at work is not particularly fun (I really hate feeling like I’m falling 20 minutes behind), but I’m so happy that it’s keeping my supply up and giving Mary some nourishment for while I’m away from her.
  5. Mark’s job. It was God’s grace and timing that had Mark and the other laid-off officers rehired just two weeks after Mary’s birth. The six months he was unemployed was rough on us, not really financially, just emotionally. I’m so glad he’s back to work, serving our city, and loving his job.
  6. Mark’s part-time job. He recently started working one shift a week as security at a pharmacy. The money will be nice when I’m no longer working. Plus, I love how it demonstrates his work ethic. He’s considered picking up extra shifts at work and I know that if we decide we need more income, he’ll do it in a heartbeat.
  7. our past financial choices. Sometimes I get mad at myself for not saving more money before we had a baby, but in all honesty, I’m proud of our major financial decisions. We bought a house we could afford on just Mark’s salary. We cut back to basic cable when I was on maternity leave. We bought a used car. Etc, etc…
  8. having the desire to be a stay-at-home mom. I always thought I’d want to stay home with my babies, but you never know until you have them, right? And Mary’s such a sweet baby girl, I never feel like I need a break from her!
  9. for opportunities ahead. Next year when I’m not working so much (or at all…we’ll see how this relief pharmacist thing pans out), I’ll have more time to devote to leading our young adult group at church. I also am going to be involved in a charity that supports pregnant women.
  10. my 86.86 hours of vacation/personal holiday time I have accrued. The money will be going directly into savings, but it will help us have peace of mind.

Look at that munchkin. Am I lucky or what?


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  1. thanks for posting! she is gorgeous!!!

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