a blog identity

I remember when I set up this blog on WordPress, it talked about picking what your blog would focus on. A genre of sorts. Well, I’d tried the themed blogs before and failed. I had a cooking/baking/restaurant review blog with my hubs. I had a quasi-home design blog. I had a personal finance blog. When I started yet another blog (this one here), I wanted to be able to write about whatever. There are a few “whatever” blogs that I read, including one called Whatever. There’s also the multi-faceted Pioneer Woman and the ever-popular MckMama.

However, most blogs I read tend to be themed.

There are the home design blogs:
Apartment Therapy (my favorite is Ohdeedoh)
Young House Love
Little Green Notebook

The mommy blogs:
I Should Be Folding Laundry
Curious Georgi

The personal finance blogs:
Budgets are Sexy
Get Rich Slowly

Anyways. I found a new genre today…

Police wife blogs!

I’ve glanced at just a couple, but I’ve went back and read a lot of Mrs. Fuzz’s blog. Her husband is Hot Fuzz, or HF. How perfect is that?

Maybe, you know, when I’m all unemployed and stuff :), I’ll start doing a police feature on here once a week. Mark definitely has good stories I could share. Just today he told me about arresting a woman who was so high on who knows what that she mistook her wallet for a flask and tried to drink out of it. After her attempt to hydrate herself, she said “Don’t you just hate when it’s empty?”

I could also do a pharmacist feature. I mean, I know I won’t be working and won’t have fresh tales of my own, but I do have a pharmacist or two or four in the family who could keep us entertained. My own latest pharmacist adventure involved a man being irritated that I would not stay open past when my lunch was to start to fill his two prescriptions. Because I could not fill them (one was for #180 capsules) in 2.5 seconds, he exclaimed “Well, Maggie, then you’re not worth a toot!” He ended up getting a lot nastier with my technician (I’ll spare you the expletives), transferring all his prescriptions to a competitor (hallelujah!), and being banned from our store.


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One Response to a blog identity

  1. Slamdunk says:

    I like your sense of humor–sounds like you have lots of options.

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