enjoyment v. happiness

I sometimes don’t like myself all that much, I kinda get down on myself. Not frequently, not severely. Don’t worry that I have self-worth issues, because honestly, the majority of the time, I think I’m pretty hot stuff. 😉

I get these negative feelings when I let the things that are most important slip by the wayside.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about what’s important, what my priorities should be, and how I spend my time.

I am realizing that my focus is wrong. That things I enjoy may not be the key to happiness.

In an attempt to lay it out there, and because I’m on my phone, cradling my baby in one arm, I’ll make lists.

Things I enjoy:
Watching tv/movies via Netflix instant streaming on the Wii
Reading blogs about various things
Shopping with my husband
Sleeping in
Playing with my baby

Things that make me happy:
Feeling healthy
Eating good food at home
Going to mass on days I’m not obligated
Being creative
Spending time talking and laughing with my husband
Playing with my baby
A clean house, ready to host friends

(Those lists are not all-inclusive…)

Anyways. If it makes sense (and I bet it does, because we all know it on some level), I now know I might have to let go of some things I enjoy, and even do some things I don’t enjoy, in order to be my happiest.

This blog is supposed to help me keep my true wants, not my selfish, fleeting, materials needs, at my heart’s focus.

It’s not even New Year’s, but I feel like I’m making resolutions. I resolve to work out once in awhile, go buy groceries even if I don’t feel like going out, clean my floors more often, put down my iPhone and shut off the tv to spend time with my family.

I’m not naive enough to think I’ll turn into a perfect wife and mother overnight, but I’m expecting improvements. Basically, I think I’ll start acting like a more responsible almost 26-year-old…

I’ll keep you updated. 😉


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thirty-something. working on life.
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One Response to enjoyment v. happiness

  1. Slamdunk says:

    I like your to-do goals. I sure need to tackle several of those myself–cleaning floors more often tops the the list.

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