planning to play

Actually creating our playroom is still a few months off, but I’m starting to plan what I want…

Last year, my brother-in-law made us a fantastic thank-you card. It features a cowboy riding a giraffe. It is to me, what a dinosaur on a Vespa is to Matt (my brother-in-law), i.e. AWESOME.

Last month, Matt turned the drawing into a colorful print.Before he moves out, he’s gonna paint the scene on a giant canvas (maybe 3 feet by 4 feet?).

The other day I bought some fabric for a few Christmas gifts that I’m making. I also ended up buying four yards of this:

I’m really not sure what I’ll do with it, but I just liked it so much and thought the colors would go nicely with the cowboy/giraffe painting. I might cover a big bulletin board with it, or stretch it over canvas. Or heck, I might make curtains or pillows. Maybe cut some cork board in the shape of Oklahoma, then cover it? Lots of options, really.

And even though I’ve put this all over my Facebook…

I want to share this link to

Free art, every day! Katie Moon, the illustrator, will do different series throughout the next year. I’m already a fan of her work and will be collecting things to use in future playrooms, nurseries, kids’ rooms, bathrooms, anywhere!


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