too busy

You can blame my part-time job for my lack of posts.

Or maybe the holiday season.

I definitely have lots on my mind that I’ll share soon. Maybe I can get a good post in tomorrow before work. Now it’s late and I’m getting sleepy and my body aches.

But until then…here’s what’s been on my mind:

  • How awesome my baby is. Mark and I must comment to each other on her cuteness and bestness eighty-four times a day. And I always end the discussion with “I love her so much.”
  • How awesome my husband is. I definitely agree with those that say having a kid makes you fall more in love with your spouse. I think that now we’re a family of three, I better appreciate how much Mark supports us. And not just financially by working, but also emotionally.
  • Crafts. I’ve got some ideas, and some supplies, to make some Christmas gifts.
  • House stuff. I’m mentally decorating our future playroom. I even bought fabric for it. I don’t sew. Maybe I’m crazy.
  • Mary’s health. She’s not gaining weight as fast as her pediatrician and cardiologist would like. We may need to supplement (which will be difficult seeing as how she doesn’t drink much from a bottle), and we may need to schedule her heart surgery sooner than we’d originally hoped.
  • My irritability. I’ve been irritated a lot lately. I don’t like it.
  • Money and what to do with it. I’m super excited because Mark and I are going to sit down and make financial goals for 2011. I want to employ visual, tangible methods of tracking our progress. One thing I’ve read is to have a debt chain. Each link (ring of paper) represents a certain amount of debt, and as you pay it off, you remove the links. I really want my student loans to be paid off.
  • TV and internet. And my iPhone. Especially the iPhone. I am on it too much. I think I need a weekly media fast or something.



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