a few house thoughts

For awhile now I’ve wanted to change up the rooms in our house. We have four bedrooms. One for Mark and I, one for baby Mary, one for my brother-in-law Matt, and one for guests. Now that Mary is sleeping in her crib more, and now that we’ll be having frequent visits by our mothers for weekend baby-sitting, I thought it would be nice to switch who stayed in what room and who used what bathroom. But that would be quite the undertaking and while it would solve certain little issues, it would probably create more.

So now that I know each bedroom will continue to serve its current purpose until at least next summer, I want to focus on making the best of each room, especially our guest room. One project that I think would be fun to do in there is this…

Yep, that’s my friend Ashley‘s husband Ryan. They were inspired by this. Didn’t they do a great job? Their whole house is uber-fun.

I think I’d want the chevron wall just above the bed, since it doesn’t have a headboard. And instead of chic gray, maybe a smattering of oranges? Dare we? We’ll see..

I’m okay with painting our walls. Even though at first I really just wanted to leave them alone (the paint looks fine and the colors are nice neutrals), but now that we’ve been here awhile it seems fun to make our mark. However, I don’t want to make too much of a mark, you know?

We’ve already put a fair amount of money into this house. We bought new windows. We knocked down a wall. (My old blog has the before and after.) Other major projects we’ve discussed: redoing the patio, building a nice carport (not to be confused with an ugly one), getting a new a/c, and putting in new flooring.

Anyways, we don’t want to put too much into this home, because we do not plan on being here forever. Sometimes we think we’ll move in five years. Or hey, maybe ten. But when we do move, it will NOT be to the $409,000 home we drove by the other day. Ha! We drove around our ideal neighborhood, which had a lot of homes for sale, and the only one with a flyer was priced at $409,000. Yowza.


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One Response to a few house thoughts

  1. Ashley says:

    thanks for posting our wall project. I saw a project that would make a really nice headboard- it was hanging a spot of wallpaper behind the bed and putting molding around it…you could put the paper and molding on a board instead, so it is easy to move when you move.

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