homemade costume

Items already owned: pink receiving blanket, white hat (with super secret super awesome detail), white tights, white long-sleeved onesie, and bunny slippers.

Items purchased: embroidery needle, embroidery floss, small shower pouf, fabric paint, and Heat n Bond.

Fusing the fabric from the blanket onto the onesie and hat took less than five minutes. And yes, that is the hat, just with the knot untied! I couldn’t believe it was in the closet all along, as I was searching for baby-sized bunny ears.

Stitching around the onesie took me about an hour! I did this at about three in the morning, while watching a movie. I was planning on doing the same for the ears, but it would have been near impossible to maneuver the needle around the tiny ear pocket. I used the fabric paint to draw the stitches on, but then accidentally smeared a section. I then smeared the paint all around, and thought it ended up looking decent.

The only photo (as of now) with her tail on.

and from the iPhone…


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4 Responses to homemade costume

  1. Teresa says:

    She was definitely a cute bunny.

  2. Lola says:

    Great looking costume! Looks like there were a few tears there for awhile. I guess your little bunny found out she didn’t get any Halloween candy, even though she looked so cute…

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