20/20 Cure Day 4

“Remove one item and setup outbox”

I feel like I’ve gotten rid of a lot of things in the past few months. We’ve donated a lot of clothes, passed on some blankets to a nephew, and gave a bunch of stuff for our church’s garage sale.

We still have too many things that just clutter up our house and lives.

We’ve been holding on to these chairs, thinking they’d come in handy sometime. We have four chairs at our small table in the kitchen, eight chairs for our large dining table, two stools at the counter, and then these four guys in the living room (along with an armless arm chair and our sectional). Seriously. Even when we have loads of people over, not everyone sits at once. But still, we’re crazy and are only moving them to the shed for now. Just to make sure we won’t miss them. And if we don’t, we’ll try to sell them. We bought all six (one broke and one is still in our office) for $80 two years ago.

I also started an outbox.
And this guy…he’s finally bit the dust.


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2 Responses to 20/20 Cure Day 4

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  2. Ha! I totally just read a fb comment about that poster earlier today when looking at Halloweenie roast pics with James. For your sake, I’m glad it’s finally gone. And I have a full box of stuff to get rid of…I should do that soon!

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