You Capture – Orange

(This photo assignment is from Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry. Go check out some other orange shots!)

I didn’t take these photos until this afternoon, although I knew all week what I wanted to do. I wish I would’ve spent more time on them (especially the last photo), but it was still a really fun assignment, and I feel like I’m slowly learning about my camera.

I’ve started having Mary sleep in her crib a little bit. Our nightly routine now is to nurse in our lovely orange recliner while saying prayers (and NOT playing on my iPhone, which is honestly hard to do), and then baby girl goes to the crib until our first nighttime feeding. She’s done really well, I think. Also (like in this photo) I am trying to put her in the crib for daytime naps.

We’re getting the house ready for our Hamoween Party next weekend. Last year was Hallowine and Cheese (just Mark and I) and the year before we hosted a Halloweenie Roast. I’m also really excited to carve pumpkins next week with our young adult group from church.

This picture isn’t all that exciting, but I wanted to play with shutter speed and movement. I wish I would’ve bought round oranges (not small clementines) and spent more time on the set-up and shot. But, hey, the baby was sleeping and I had to finish my photos and go for a quick jog.



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One Response to You Capture – Orange

  1. I love the orange recliner shot with Mary in the background. Take an autumn pic at the grocery store this week. 🙂

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