I went to the Garden of Hope last night with our church’s youth group and again today with baby Mary. 40 Days for Life is still going on.

It’s amazing to sit across from an abortion clinic and imagine the actions and thoughts that occur in there.

When Fr Kastl spoke to the kids what it means to be pro-life was the main focus.

It’s not just being against abortion. Or the death penalty.

Being pro-life is wanting respect and dignity for all life. For it to be protected from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death.

If you’re pro-life, you feed the hungry. You help the needy. You want an end to domestic abuse*. An end to racism, sexism. You don’t want homosexuals to feel alienated from the human race.

This question was asked: “What kinds of situations and aspects of our culture lead to people seeking an abortion?”

Lots of good answers were mentioned, but I immediately thought of the contraceptive mentality that envelopes our world. The majority of abortions are performed after contraceptive failure. (Failure of the actual method or failure to be on contraception when the woman would choose it if she could.) It’s not that they don’t want that particular child, they don’t want a child at all at that point. Instead of sacrificing the pleasures of sex until they’re ready for the procreative aspect, they selfishly pick and choose.

Of course, there are other situations that lead to abortions. Women abort children that will be born with disabilities. They think they are sparing the child, but look here to learn more about how special children can be seen as God’s miracles on earth. Women abort after being raped. I can’t imagine the terror or tragedy accompanying that, but the easy response is: Two wrongs don’t make a right. Aborting the child will not automatically make the terrible memory go away. In fact, it will most likely cause more grief.

Making abortions illegal will not solve the problem or make pro-lifers the winner in this debate. We need a conversion to the Culture of Life. And I believe that starts within families.

(*An odd event occurred a couple days ago. I was driving to run some errands when I saw a woman being chased by a man out of my neighborhood. He looked mean as hell, and she was in tears, her knees scraped up. I gave her a ride to a nearby store. I never give rides to strangers. But she was desperate. Domestic abuse is such a terrible trap where many find themselves. I pray that they find the courage and self-love to leave.)

Our car has a Choose Life specialty license plate. I love representing that way, but wish it read Protect Life. I really don’t see it as a choice. It’s there. The life is there. God creates and sustains life. It’s about how we respond to it.



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One Response to pro-life

  1. Lola says:

    Beautiful reflections! There’s a lot we can all do everyday to promote a Culture of Life.

    I certainly will say a prayer for the woman you helped out the other day (and also for what would appear to be her abuser). Thank you for being so brave for stepping up!

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