20/20 Cure Day 2

“Buy flowers”

Well, I didn’t buy flowers. Oops. 🙂 When I first saw that four of the assignments were to simply buy flowers, I thought that I’d just skip that and do something more productive (not to mention cheaper).

And then I woke up yesterday, and made a strawberry and banana smoothie. I used our last banana. I thought I’d run to the store to buy more bananas (it was a delicious smoothie and I knew I’d want more) and, hey, might as well get some flowers while I’m there.

Well, with Mark sleeping very weird hours after his last night of work for the week and a last minute invite to dinner at my brother’s house, I didn’t make it to the store.

So no flowers.

And no bananas. (I did make plain strawberry smoothies tonight for Mark, Matt, and myself. Yum, but not as yum.)

I did work on the house for a fair amount of time. Did several loads of laundry. Cleared through some junk on the dining room table. And worked on our Halloween decorations! I really wish we would’ve gotten them all up a little earlier, but we’ve still got a good week and a half to enjoy them.

Think we have enough napkins? My mother-in-law sent us a bunch and we had some that we bought last year on clearance. Oh, and this is our pile after three napkin holders were already filled.Our front door.

Mickey Mouse lights in the dining room and…. in the kitchen.


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One Response to 20/20 Cure Day 2

  1. Lola says:

    That IS a lot of napkins! Having a Halloween party?

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