winner, winner, chicken dinner

Actually, it was more like free dinner.

After mass last night, our priest, Fr. Kastl, wanted to take Mark, Mary, and myself out for dinner. Mark is giving a talk over stewardship (with Mary and I sweetly by his side) at all four masses this weekend, so it was Father’s way of thanking us.

When the check came (and I’m sure it was a rather large bill, we guessed $100), there was the obligatory fight-over-the-check. Mark and I are pretty good at this game because we play it a lot with Mark’s folks.

Anyways, Father wanted to pay as a thank-you, but so did we. We’ve yet to even give him a card to let him know we appreciated him taking the time to do a private Baptism for Mary.

Father won the fight, but it turns out all three of us won. Another couple from the church who had seen us eating and came to say hello on their way out had already paid our ticket. How sweet, huh?

And now we still owe him the card, and we’ll throw in a giftcard to a restaurant that he likes, but we don’t. šŸ™‚


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