sleeping arrangements

Ugh. Read this.

Last year, 65 Oklahoma babies died because of unsafe sleep environments, according to the 2009 Oklahoma Child Death Review Board report. Of those, 36 were each sleeping with an adult or another child, and more than 50 percent of sleeping locations included an adult bed or on a couch, it said.

So sad. 😦

Currently, we are using the amazing Arm’s Reach co-sleeper with our 13-week-old and have since bringing her home from the hospital.

She’s only fifty hours old in this photo…Co-sleeping, in my understanding, is sleeping in the same room as your baby, but not on the same surface. That’s bed-sharing. We bed-share with Mary sometimes. I’m more likely to have her in bed with me, when it’s just me. (My husband works overnight).

When Mary first arrived, I was reluctant (in theory) to have her in bed with me when I was dozing. For one reason, it made me nervous, and for the other, I didn’t want either one of us to get to used to it. As much as the idea of snuggling when sleeping appealed to me, the reluctance was still there. In theory.

I dozed with her in my hospital bed a couple times.

I’ve napped with her during the day.
The dog has napped with us, too.
It’s so funny that those are the only photos I have of us bed-sharing, because that’s not how I sleep with her now. I lie Mary down horizontally on the bed, with her feet up against my thighs or stomach. Then I usually curl around her, almost bending at ninety-degrees. I should have Mark take another picture sometime.

Mary also likes to snuggle with Daddy when he gets home from work in the morning.

He never sleeps while holding her, though. Except for maybe a snooze on the couch.

Actually….he was faking it. 🙂
Right now, it’s almost midnight, and I’m typing this in bed on our laptop. Mary is in her co-sleeper, not eighteen inches away. She’s woken up five times (!) since I put her down (I had nursed her to sleep in the recliner) at 10:05. I guess she’s mostly just stirred, because I was able to get her back asleep just my rubbing her head or belly and making shushy whispers. Only once did I pull her out and nurse her for just a couple minutes. If she was lying on my legs or right next to me, I doubt she’d have woken up. But, we’re slowly working on a little independence. For both of us. 🙂 She napped in her crib for about 45 minutes today!

I’m still debating on when I hope to have her sleeping in her crib at night…


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  1. I emptied out Hannah’s living room pack n play of the “extras” that had gotten thrown in. I’m gonna do that with the cosleeper too. Praying that we (and you and all parents) do what’s best for our kids. Love you!

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