barefoot running

There’s a fair amount of controversy out there on the ol’ world wide web regarding barefoot running. Some say it’s the best thing for your body. Others say it’s dangerous.

Since my knees gave me so much trouble recently, I was willing to try almost anything to get back into running. I really want to be able to train for the 5k on Thanksgiving.

Yesterday, I ventured outside with nothing on my feet. I was hoping to be able to run on the street (asphalt has more give than concrete and should feel better on my joints), but there were too many pebbles. So I took off on the sidewalk. The sidewalk by my house, headed both directions, is quite good. Once I saw that the path was clear and fairly even, I just ran down and backs between about seven or eight houses. I kept my eyes down and dodged small things, but it was not a difficult task.

It’s recommended to start with short distances because you may be utilizing foot muscles that aren’t used to working much. Yesterday I ran (and hopefully it’s understood that when I say run, I mean jog, because I run very very slowly) for 90 seconds, then walked for 2 minutes, then ran for 3 minutes.

Today I ran for 3.5 minutes, walked 90 seconds, ran for 3.5 minutes. It really doesn’t hurt my feet, but my toes do feel a little roughed up. They feel like they do when you kick off a pool wall too many times.

I’ll take at least one day off from the running, but will keep ellipticizing (I did twenty minutes each day after my run) in attempts to increase my endurance and to just burn calories in general.

If I keep feeling well when running barefoot (no joint pain yet!), I will probably invest in these:


Hot, right? Well, they may look funky, but I also am probably getting funky looks from the neighbor as it stands now.


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