baby steps

I’m trying to remember that all we need are baby steps. Not literal ones. (Although, my baby did roll over today for the first time…for the first three times!)

We need baby steps in getting Mary to drink from a bottle. Or a cup? Back to that in a moment.

As the daughter of a former La Leche League leader and as a big proponent of NFP, I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding Mary. I originally thought I’d continue to do so until she was six months, but am instead heading back to work part-time when she’s only sixteen weeks old. I was naive at first, thinking we’d start pumping and using bottles a couple weeks before I went back to work. At Mary’s two-month appointment, I asked our pediatrician for advice on bottles to use. She recommended Nuk or Avent. She also said to go ahead and start trying to give her a bottle, advising me to leave the house when this was attempted.

So, attempted we have. Four times. We’ve tried both the Nuk and Avent. And the Medela (that came with my pump). Mark’s tried. Uncle Matt’s tried. I even tried. And tonight, I had my sister-in-law Kristen (an experienced mom in breastfeeding and bottle-feeding) try. None of us have had any luck with the suck.

I just did quite a bit of reading on the subject online and have come to two main conclusions. One, we probably could try more frequently, try not to put pressure on the situation, and possibly try other nipples. Two, there are alternatives to bottle-feeding. The one that intrigues me the most is cup-feeding. You use tiny cups and let the baby almost lap it up, like a kitty. Now, I’m not really a fan of the felines, but my baby lapping milk up? That sounds adorable! 🙂 She does have some pretty good tongue action going on when she’s hungry and is decent at licking pacifiers and artificial nipples.

At this point, I’m not sure which route we’ll take…


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