You Capture – Faces

My favorite model:

I spent the most time photographing my sweet baby. (Look at yesterday’s post for a super easy collage I made from our shoot.) We went outside right before sunset; I bravely avoided the automatic settings and the flash. I also occasionally referred to’s “How to Shoot in Manual with a DSLR” via my iPhone, ha!

I took just a few shots of myself in front of the bathroom mirror.
I chose this shot because I thought it was the one that it was hardest to tell I’m not wearing any makeup. 😉

And to complete our household, quick shots of…

Betty, the lazy dog:

Mark, the handsome hubby:

Matt, the silly brother-in-law:

For other face photos, check out Beth’s blog, I Should Be Folding Laundry.




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2 Responses to You Capture – Faces

  1. nicole says:

    Such a cute little girl! (she must get it from her mother)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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