A friend of ours is interested in joining the Catholic faith. Her husband, another good friend, was raised Catholic, but fell away from the Church after high school. I have joined both of them for RCIA class the past two weeks.

I feel lucky to have been asked to accompany them on this journey. One, I think it’s great that they now want religion to play a role in their lives. Two, I love learning more about the faith!

Tonight’s class had an interactive beginning that I really enjoyed. The theme was “Images of God”. There were four words describing God, each word posted in a corner of the room. Everyone was to choose which one they related to best and go to the word. The groups had time to confer and pick a spokesperson, then we all shared our thoughts. We had five rounds of this little game. I can’t remember all twenty words that were images of God, but I remember the ones I chose to stand by. Here are my thoughts on them…

God as Father – One of the greatest things I think I ever read was from Scott Hahn, a famous convert to the Catholic Faith who is now a great writer and teacher. To paraphrase him because I’m too lazy to look it up…we are children of God. We do not serve him as servants serve a master, out of obligation. But we serve him as children serve their father, out of love.

God as Good – Isn’t God the epitome of good? Seriously. What’s better? 🙂 Also, without God as our moral compass, we wouldn’t know good from evil. God wants only good for us. Anything evil or wrong in this world somehow stems from humans’ free will.

God as Trinity – As a cradle Catholic, the idea of God’s divine presence in three persons (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) is as familiar to me as the sign of the cross (a symbol of the Trinity). Another great thing I heard somewhere described the Trinity so beautifully by talking about how the love between the Father and Son is so great that another person (the Holy Spirit) springs forth from them, and how that life-giving love is also demonstrated by a man and a woman bringing forth new life with their love.

God as Life-Giving – As the mother of a twelve-week-old, it is very easy for me to see God in this image. Being pregnant and giving birth was such a weird experience because while I knew I was faaaaaaar from the first to experience such things, it still felt sooooooo special. Everyone on this earth is born in quite the same manner, but I can still look at my daughter and have my mind blown, thinking “She came from me. We created her. God allowed us to be co-creators with Him.” I honestly don’t know how there are some people who don’t believe in a higher being. Life begins as a zygote, smaller than a grain of salt. That is a miracle.

God as Truth – Once again, being raised Catholic, I have the fortune of always knowing (or at least since I can remember) that there is a God and that the Catholic Church is true in her teachings. Some people are still seeking the Truth. And everyone can always grow deeper in their faith, through prayer and meditation, and by learning more.


So yeah, I’m a little excited about my Thursday evening plans from now until Easter. 🙂


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