keeping up on the working out

Well, the last time I posted about exercising, things were looking up!

Then they looked down. 😦

I did attempt my Couch to 5K training the following day. The five minute warm-up walk went well. (Ha, no surprise there.) Then I started my first 90 second jog, and my knees basically buckled after a dozen steps. It was terrible! I hobbled a trot here and there, but I mostly just walked the rest of the way around the neighborhood to get back home. Then, I hopped on the elliptical for about ten minutes and that went fine.

So, I took about another week off from exerting myself.

Sunday, I ellipticized. Monday, I tried to run again, and it went okay. I ended up only going four out of the six jogs, because my legs (not really my knees so much) started to ache, and since I am trying to get over a cold, I was having some congestion/breathing issues. On Tuesday and Wednesday, I ellipticized again.

When I was out jogging/walking in the neighborhood on Monday, a gentleman stopped me to let me know that running on the concrete is terrible for my feet. We chatted for a bit, I told him about my knees, about how my brother thinks I should run barefoot. He suggested I run on the grass. I appreciated his help, and even gave it a half-attempt, but I knew that running on the grass isn’t the solution. For one, I’d still have to run over drivewalks or sidewalks about 1/3 of the time. And secondly, it’s so much harder to see what you’re running on, I’d be much more likely to turn an ankle.

Anyways, I’m not for sure if my knees are healed quite yet, and I know I’m not quite over my yucky cold, but I’m very optimistic about keeping up on the working out. So optimistic, that I’ve officially made a goal to lose another 20 pounds my January 1st. Or heck, we’ll say January 5th, my birthday.

My sister is also going to lose 20 pounds of her pregnancy weight. She’s using the Weight Watchers point system. I’ve been debating about getting an online membership, but I think I’ll see how she likes it first.


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