mornings like these

It’s mornings like these, crisp, cool, autumn mornings, that make me want to drink coffee again.

Two years ago, right after we were married, and living in a poorly insulated garage, both my husband and I were coffee drinkers. He was in the police academy, and had very early mornings. My schedule fluctuated month-to-month, but an insulated mug of coffee often accompanied me to wherever I was working.

Last year, I was pregnant* and Mark worked the evening shift, so we stashed away the coffee maker.

I’m now almost completely off of caffeine (I maybe have it in soda once every couple weeks) because I’m breastfeeding. It seems to cause Mary to gag/cough/spit up more. Maybe I’ll invest in some caffeine-free coffee blends.

But for now, I’ll enjoy my orange juice as I snuggle up in my flannel pants and hoodie, and do a little Baltimore Catechism reading to prepare for our upcoming youth group nights.

(*Disclaimer: I did not give up caffeine completely when pregnant, I just preferred to consume my smaller amounts in the form of Dr Pepper.)


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