it’s about time

Don’t you love it when you finally do something you’ve been meaning to do forever?

Here’s the story of what I finally did:

Meet my candy jars. (They’re actually probably my mom’s because I bet she reimbursed me.) I purchased them at one of the greatest stores ever, The Container Store. We used them to hold M&Ms at our wedding reception two years ago.

I’ve loaned them out for two other weddings. Sometime or another, one of them broke.

Then, during the Great Pantry Clean Out of 2010, I thought about putting our excessive amount of dry pasta in them.

And today, after my husband climbed up into the attic for Halloween decorations, I had him pull the ol’ jars down, too.

Here they are now, beginning their new life as pasta jars:


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thirty-something. working on life.
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