money woes

Although I really shouldn’t, and I know I shouldn’t, I whine a lot about money.

Really about spending money and how I think we spend too much of it.

But then again, I really like to buy things. And usually, I don’t regret the purchases. Too much.

But I want to stop whining. It doesn’t do much good.

This month, our second without my salary, we will probably spend more than we make. We have three weddings to buy gifts for, a dog to send to an expensive vet visit, and it’s time to renew our car registration.

I’m still going to make it our goal not to spend more than we make. Food is the biggest variable in our budget. We’ve already semi-sucked because we spent $64.30 on pizza last night for a party. But it was for a party, so it’s all good, right? I would say we won’t have another party for a long time, but we already have one planned for Halloween. Anyways, because we still like to have the good times and the good food, we just have to be frugal all the other times. I’m smelling a lot of pasta in our future. 🙂


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thirty-something. working on life.
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