why use cloth?

Before I was even pregnant, the idea of using cloth diapers had crossed my mind. I’m not sure where the initial intrigue came from, but I do know that the wonderful World Wide Web is what sealed the deal. There are a ton of blog posts and forums about cloth diapering.

The fun couple from Young House Love discussed their cloth diapering experiences here soon after Mary was born. I decided then that I wanted to give it a shot. After waiting a bit longer for Mary to get bigger and lose her umbilical stump, I ordered six diapers (BumGenius 3.0) from Cotton Babies.

Here is Mary, at 7 weeks old, in her first cloth diaper.

Soon after I ordered six more, but this time they were all “seconds”, meaning they are cheaper because they have slight manufacturer defects (I haven’t even been able to find one!).

So, we’ve been CDing for about four weeks now. With our current stash of twelve, they last a day and a half to two days. When we’re washing the diapers, Mary wears disposables. We have quite a few of them still, and I think I’ll always keep some on hand. Disposables are good for long day trips (like when we drove back to my hometown for a funeral last week).

I think I’d like to buy another six sometime, but may switch it up. I might spend a little more for the 4.0 version of what we have, or try some AIOs (all-in-ones).

There are several reasons I like using cloth diapers. First of all, I truly believe they are less expensive than disposables in the long run (unless you get crazy into the cloth and buy more than you need and buy the more expensive options). It’s also nice not to have to worry if our diaper stash is running low, because with cloth, you just wash, dry, and they’re ready to go again! (On that same note, I’m hoping to start using cloth wipes soon (at least for wet diaper changes.) Cloth diapers look more comfy to me. When I change Mary, she doesn’t have red indentations from the elastic. They are so good at wicking away moisture, it’s a definitely tougher to tell if she’s wet than if she was in a disposable that gets all bulky!

I like to think we have a pretty good system for using cloth, especially as first-timers. I do have some things in mind that I think would improve our situation, but I’ll discuss them another time.


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  1. Good job! You inspire me. One day, I will be better at cloth diapering but it would be helpful if you could come give us a crash course sometime. Sound good?

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