a week later

I took an entire week off from exercising. At first I intended just to have one rest day (last Tuesday), then I kind of ran out of time (Wednesday), then my knees started really hurting me (Thursday until….now?).

At first it was just one knee, and it ached a bit. By Friday they both hurt. It hurt to walk, to squat, to sit on my knees, to rub on my knees. I am seriously baffled by what caused this. If I was on any medication (besides the prenatals I’ve been taking forever), I might’ve guessed drug-induced arthritis. A couple times, after I’d been sitting for awhile, when I got up to walk, I had to stop because my knees buckled.

Luckily they are barely bothering me today, so I decided to get on the elliptical and went 25 minutes. (I was aiming for thirty, but baby Mary got impatient). Assuming I’m still feeling okay tomorrow, it’s back to the 5k training!


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